Every May, a great migration to Cape Cod begins, hundreds of anglers hear the call of the Striped Bass and head east to intercept the annual run of Striped Bass as they make their way up the Atlantic Coast.

The Cheeky Schoolie Tournament, “is a low barrier to entry, grassroots style event designed to encourage the interest and growth of saltwater fly fishing and to welcome our hard working schoolie stripers to their summer vacation home on Cape Cod, MA. The 2019 Tournament marks the 8th year for the annual event, which has become the world’s largest fly fishing tournament.” This year the fish were in, in numbers and size with “9,531 inches of striped bass were caught and released during the one-day competition” according to the official Cheeky Fishing scoring.

Flylords Striped Bass Blitz From Above
Yeah, those are all Stripers.


  1. 105 Inches – Team Jones
  2. 103.5 Inches – Team Deceiver
  3. 103 Inches – Team Salty Beards
  4. 102.5 Inches – Time Flies
  5. 101.5 Inches – Prof. Peacoat and Barbor Boy

For all the tournament results check out Cheeky’s blog post, here.

Flylords Striper Bass Thumb
Most competitors thumbs looked like this Satruday!

Source: Cheeky Fishing.

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