15 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love This Fathers Day (2020)

Well, It’s just about that time of year again where we set aside a day for the man in our lives who taught us some of the most important lessons we never knew we needed to learn. Dads around the world spend the year tirelessly dedicating themselves to bettering and caring for the next generation. Whether you’re planning on spending this Fathers Day alongside your old man on the water, or simply sitting down with him for a dinner at his favorite restaurant; show him your appreciation by getting a gift that goes above and beyond the typical “#1 Dad mug” (or god forbid: a tie).

Here is our list for the top 15 gifts to give the angler in your life this Fathers Day (2020)!

1. Fishpond Trucha Webbing Belt


trucha belt

It’s time to ditch that raggedy-old-leather belt for something that’s just as stylish as it is practical. When it comes to quality, few do it better than the folks over at Fishpond. Like their quality standard, this belt specializes in delivering a no-slip feel over a strong nylon construction. With this belt, Dad can head straight from the river to happy hour without missing a beat.

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2. Editor’s Choice: Early Riser Coffee

early riser coffee
Image courtey of Josh Phillips

Coffee and Fishing pair together like aged wine and sirloin *chef’s kiss*. If you’ve ever spent some early morning drives next to your particularly grumpy old man, we suggest prescribing a hearty cup of Early Riser Morning Blend for daily consumption. He’ll feel good with some top-notch bean energy sloshing around behind his eyes, and you’ll feel great knowing that every bag of Early Riser coffee donates a portion of their proceeds to charities such as Trout Unlimited and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

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3. YETI Loadout Box

yeti box

Dad still lugging around that rusty old toolbox every time the boat needs a minor repair? Is that $10 plastic bin that has more holes in it than swiss cheese finally had all it can take? Tired of rummaging around through old egg crates trying to find that pair of pliers you could swear you just saw? It’s time to let the folks at Yeti do what they do best and replace your old bargain gear with gear that’ll never need replacing again. The YETI loadout box is the perfect gift for getting organized. Whether it’s a toolbox, gear bin, or something in- between, dad is sure to have what he needs by his side wherever he cares to go.

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4. SIMMS Confluence Wet Wading Sandals

wading sandals

*Knee-high socks not included* I don’t think there’s too much to say about this gift other than…duh. If your dad doesn’t already own a pair of these “bad-boys”, or at least something similar, is he really your dad? Built in the USA with SIMMs quality assurance behind them, you can be sure this footwear can withstand any test dad can put it through. Not to mention, with wet-wading season rapidly approaching, these sandals are the perfect gift for on and off the water.

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5. Costa Blackfin Sunglasses

Costa Blackfin sunglasses

When it comes to sunglasses, there are few people who do it better than Costa Del Mar. Designed to deliver the most comfortable fit, while also withstanding anything dad can put them through, these 100% polarized sunglasses are the perfect replacement for those lop-sided $12 gas station sunglasses. This Fathers Day, give your dad the gift of a day on the water without eye-strain, and a life unburdened by long term ocular damage.

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6. Frigate Reserve Rum

rum for anglers

Frigate Reserve Rum pairs well with a day of fishing the flats and campfire smoke. Distilled by rum masters in Panama, this bottle of aged perfection is a magnificent way to cheers your old man for the countless hours he’s dedicated to you, as well as to the many more you’ll enjoy together. Made good enough to be served by itself, Frigate Reserve tastes best when enjoyed with the company of family.

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7. Flylords Grateful Dead BUFF

dancing bear buff mask

Think Dad’s got enough Grateful Dead apparel? You must be the captain of the ship of fools. We’re stoked to introduce our new line of custom, officially licensed Grateful Dead BUFF’s, available in both “Dancing Bear” and “Steal Your Face” designs. Whether it’s protection from the sun, wind, or snow; these Grateful Dead BUFF’s are sure to make a very “Grateful Dad”.

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8. Duck Camp Co. Hooksetter Longsleeve Shirt

man in duck camp shirt

From Duck Camp Co’s new spring line, we’re stoked to present the Hooksetter Longsleeve shirt. Available in many colors such as Largemouth Green, Red Drum Plaid, and Wahoo Blue, these shirts are as stylish as they are practical. Designed with anglers in mind, these shirts are made with Nylon Supplex fabric that breathes extremely well and they also have UPF40+ sun protection to keep Dad cool and concealed during those long days on the water.

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9. Editors Choice: GHOSTech Strike Indicators

6 months ago, we came across GHOSTech splash-free indicators. Since then, they have been our go-to indicator when fishing gentle water for easily spookable fish. GHOSTech’s lightweight bubble design and aerodynamic build allows them to land gently on the water and remain undetectable while still delivering a consistent drift in every float. The perfect solution to Dad’s who reject big floating bobbers, but still wanted to catch fish subsurface, these are as easy to cast as a size 14 Adams. With each indicator made by hand in the USA, GHOSTech SI’s are made with each individual angler in mind and are sure to change the way Dad sees nymphing.

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10. Rubber Mesh Net 

rubber mesh net

The generic wooden net has been a staple to fly fishing since the first brook trout was caught in Pennsylvania. However, over the last 10-5 years, the demand to change over to rubber mesh has never been higher. Because Rubber is much more durable than its mesh predecessor, as well as much less harmful to fish (rubber creates less friction, thus helping to preserve the protective slime on fish) these nets can be found on the backs and hips of almost any angler you come across on the water. While Dad may not believe he needs a net to land a fish, it will certainly improve his “land to loss” ratio, as well as aid in the safe release of all his fish. These nets are an extremely affordable, but wholesome gift for any angler.

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11. Ross: Gunnison Reel

gunnison reel

When it comes to producing quality reels, few people do it better than our friends over at ROSS. From their diverse line-up, the Gunnison Reel, inspired by the famed Gunnison River, is a top-notch fly reel with the aesthetic of Dad’s traditional preference, and the modern technology of one of the best reels on the market. Crafted in Colorado, this reel is forged to withstand anything you can put it through and then some. This Fathers Day, give dad the gift of a reel that’ll last a lifetime.

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12. Sightline Provisions Leather Cuff

sightline bracelets

Handcrafted by our friend Edgar Diaz at Sightline Provisions, these leather and steel cuffs are a tribute to the true angler spirit. Available in a plethora of patterns such as trout, tarpon, bonefish, GT, Dorado, bear, and many many more, each cuff has an individual feel that separates itself from any other bracelet on the market. Perfect for a day on the water, or a night at the pub, these bracelets are sure to be Dad’s new staple accessory.

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13. Spawn Shank Bank S2

spawn shank hooks

Is your old man bored with tying the same old 3 flies? It’s time to get him excited to get back on the vise with the Spawn Fly Fishing Shank Bank S2 heads. Available in colors such as black, white, green, orange, and more; these fly heads utilize Spawn’s 90-degree shank hook with their Kestrel head design to deliver an incredibly versatile fly base. As the days get hotter, and fish get deeper, it’s time for flies to get heavier. These shanks are a great way to introduce your dad to the fun of tying articulated flies while also creating some seriously enticing fish food.

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14. Fishpond Switchback Wading Belt System

close up on switchback

If there’s one way to describe Fishpond Fly Packs, it’s Versatile. By delivering a multitude of wearable positions, this pack is perfect for keeping Dad staying comfortable and limber for those long days on the water. With a detachable/ adjustable shoulder strap as well as a removable belt system and built-in net holder, this pack can be integrated perfectly in any position your old man prefers. Backed by Fishpond’s quality assurance, it’s time to upgrade to the guys who make gear that works with anglers, not the other way around.

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15. A Membership to Trout Unlimited


Not all gifts have to come in boxes with ribbons. If you’re struggling to find the right gift for the guy who has it all, consider giving the gift of giving back. With over 300,000 members across the country, Trout Unlimited is a non-profit organization that is responsible for the preservation of some of the most important trout waters in the US. Coming in at only $35, this is not only one of the most affordable gifts you can give, but one of the most meaningful.


BONUS: Custom Fathers Day Paintings by: @Jayboart

hand drawn trout
Image courtesy of Jayboart

Jayboart is an incredibly talented artist who specializes in dog and fish portraits. However, until June 13th, he is doing Custom Fathers Day Commissions for 50% off. If you’re looking to memorialize the catch of a lifetime, or just give your Dad something a little more personal than a new rod, you can commission a custom portrait today. With this gift, you’re not only giving dad something extra special, but you’re supporting small artists in the angling community.

To commission a custom portrait, shoot @Jayboart a DM on Instagram, or shoot him an e-mail at jayboart@gmail.com

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