15 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love This Fathers Day

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15 Fly Fishing Gifts Your Dad Will Love This Fathers Day

Well, It’s just about that time of year again where we set aside a day for the man in our lives who taught us some of the most important lessons we never knew we needed to learn. Dads around the world spend the year tirelessly dedicating themselves to bettering and caring for the next generation. Whether you plan on spending this Fathers Day alongside your old man on the water, or simply sitting down with him for a dinner at his favorite restaurant; show him your appreciation by getting a gift that goes above and beyond the typical “#1 Dad mug”.

Here is our list for the top 15 gifts to give the angler in your life this fathers day.

1. Mountain Khakis Trout Webbing Belt

fathers day belt
photo courtesy of Mountainkhakis.com

Step aside boring wading belts, the mountain Khaki trout belt is here to make a statement. This Belt is not only 100% American made but is also quick dry and stain resistant. Available in 4 different styles (Brook, Brown, Rainbow, and Cutthroat), dad can match the hatch and represent his favorite catch anywhere he goes. Oh, did we mention the buckle doubles as a bottle opener?

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2. Orvis Magnifier Table Lamp

fathers day fly fishing lamp
Photo courtesy of Orvis.com

Whether he’s just starting to tie flies, or already an expert, one thing is for certain: nothing is more strenuous to the eyes than squinting at tiny beads, hooks, and strings for hours on end. Tell Dad to ditch the dollar store reader glasses, and upgrade his fly tying game with a 4x zoom as well as focused 12w natural lamp light to make sure every fly tied comes out store bought quality.

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3. Abel TR Click and Pawl Fly Reel

fathers day fly fishing reel
image courtesy of Abelreels.com

While we know Dad’s are generally stuck in their traditions, they may not realize the potential an unrusted, new reel can bring forth. Coming straight from our favorite Reel providers, the Abel Reels TR C&P is one of the most versatile, and affordable high-end reels on the market. Made in the USA, this reel utilizes a time-honored click-pawl system that protects light tippet while preventing overrun within a Quick-change spool with a threaded release cap and large-arbor design. If that’s not enough, all Abel Reel designs can be personalized to match the heart and soul of the angler you know and love.

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4. The Angler’s Pint Glass

fathers day fly fishing cups
Photo courtesy of bearsden.com

For those looking to get dad something he’ll never lose, but don’t want to break the bank; The Angler Pint glass is a fun, and unique gift to show dad you care. With a selection of styles, this glass appreciates the most important measurement when it comes to pouring a drink, the angler’s pint. This glass is dishwasher safe and holds a generous serving of 21.5 oz for Dads favorite frothy beverage. This gift is sure to become dads favorite vessel for thirst relief, and the staple of anytime between getting off the water to football Sundays.

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5. Costa Fantail Sunglasses

fathers day fly fishing glasses
photo courtesy of sportfish.com

The folks at Costa are notoriously known for their commitment to quality, and these sunglasses show no exception. With impact and scratch resistant lenses, these shades are backed for life and will ensure your dad is the coolest looking guy on the skiff and at the barbecue. Don’t let us forget to mention, Costa accommodates for aging eyes and can easily add prescription specifications to any pair of Costa Sunglasses.

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6. Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

fathers day fly fishing fly line
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“The weather was terrible.” “Water was too crowded.” “They just weren’t biting today.” It seems as if every dad has an arsenal of excuses as to why they came off the water empty-handed. Don’t let tattered, sub-par fly line be one of them! Scientific Anglers is the best in the game when it comes to making fly-line, so why give your old man anything less. This fathers day bestow the gift of more fish with SA’s patented shooting texture technology found with SA Amplitude line.

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7. Benchmade Grizzly Ridge Knife

fathers day fly fishing knife
photo courtesy of everydaycarry.com

Any outdoorsman who knows a thing or two about going out in the woods can agree on one thing, never leave camp without a knife. Whether your pop is tripping through the harsh Alaskan tundra, or just enjoys hikes 10 minutes from home, rest easy knowing the Grizzly Ridge has got his back. This knife is made of dependable steel and has a hunter orange casing to assure that no matter where it may fall, any eyes, young or old, can spot it. when it comes to carrying a knife like this in the woods/on the water, you never know when you’ll need it until you need it, and when that time comes, you better have it.

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8. Duck Camp co. Mallard Green Trucker Hat

fathers day fly fishing hat
photo courtesy of duckcamp.com

Looking for a cheap, yet meaningful gift for this fathers day? Look no further than the adjustable Mallard Green trucker hat made by DuckCamp. Their classic, adjustable trucker fit will match any dads style and will make a great gift for anglers and hunters alike. While you’re there, check out the DuckCamps Dad’s gift guides to find the perfect pairing for his new hat

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9. Rail Riders Cabo Cantina Shirt

fathers day fly fishing shirt
photo courtesy of Railriders.com

Not much needs to be said for this fatherly must-have. This featherweight Nylon-polyester build is sure to keep anyone comfortable whether their hanging on the beach (socks and sandals equipped) or targeting tarpon in the hot Florida sun, these shirts are not only fashionable, but they’re functional. With wrinkle-free and quick dry technology the man in charge never has to worry about changing no matter the occasion (though a wash every couple weeks or so is encouraged)

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10. Flylords Grateful Dead Bear Teefathers day fly fishing t shirt

Hey, if we wouldn’t buy the stuff we offer, we wouldn’t sell it in the first place. We here at Flylords all have a bit of our fathers in us, and with that comes a love for those dancing bears. These butter soft tees show off our favorite bear rocking a brown trout pattern above the signature Flylords name. They come in navy and olive, and of course, are officially licensed by the Grateful Dead. This holiday, don’t sail on the ship of fools, get the gear that’s voted the Bears choice, and head over to our store before these sweet shirts are all gone.

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11. Seaholm Offshore Dive Watch

fathers day fly fishing watch
photo courtesy of districtangling.com

When it comes to watch companies, there are few that can rival what Seaholm does. The Offshore Dive Watch is a testament to their ingenuity and commitment to quality. When it comes to durability and longevity, no other watches match the Offshore Dive. This watch features a divers 200m designation, assuring that each piece has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it is of the utmost quality. Available in 3 colors; cool grey, offshore blue, and black, this watch comes with a stainless steel bracket, as well as an interchangeable NATO band, making it one of the most versatile watches of its time. If your dad spends time on the water, get him something that will last, and remain a valuable asset for many years to come.

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12. Sightline 20 oz. Yeti Cuff

fathers day fly fishing yeti
photo courtesy of sightline.com

Great thinking, you got your dad a Yeti Rambler. But, there’s still something missing. Right now it’s just a cup just like all the other ones sitting on the hardware store shelf. This fathers day go above and beyond and get dad something that’ll stand out. Make his iconic rambler like no other and deck it out with the Sightline Yeti Cuff. Each cuff is made of handcrafted leather and stainless steel, bringing life to any rambler. Available in a variety of styles such as dry fly, tarpon, trout, and tectonic rush; this accessory is sure to make dads new yeti stand out from the rest.

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13. Buff USA Aqua Gloves

fathers day fly fishing gloves
photo courtesy of buffusa.com

As we get older, our skin needs more and more protection from the harmful elements. However, this shouldn’t mean we need to spend any less time in the great outdoors. Luckily, Buff USA has got you covered (literally), providing durable, smart, and protective gear for anglers young and old. For years their trusted Aqua gloves have been the go-to when looking for a stylish and functional pair of fishing gloves. With 50+ UPF sun protection, you and dad can stay slaying fish all day worry free. Not to mention, these gloves are engineered to be durable and dependable, making certain your old man will have them around for years to come.

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14. Casus Grill Instant Barbecue


fathers day fly fishing camping
photo courtesy of amazon.com        

His second office is in front of the grill, he’s been wearing the same bbq stained apron since 1994, and he never fails to cook the burgers just a little too long. Your dad IS the grill master. So, why should his grilling stop once he leaves home? Well, lucky for him now it doesn’t have to. With the innovative Casus Grill, firing up the charcoal is as easy as setting up a few pieces of cardboard and slapping some meat on the flame. The Casus is a new way to take outdoor excursions to a whole new level, and most importantly, it’s completely eco-friendly. Once your done prepping dinner, just send the little guy into the fire and enjoy your meal. This is the perfect gift for dads who are out for adventure but still want to enjoy a slice of home.

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15. Patagonia Storm Front Hip Pack

fathers day fly fishing tackle box
photo courtesy of patagonia.com

There’s something to be said about an old faded vest accompanied by the remnants of a sheep’s wool patch that’s older than you. In fly fishing, tradition is one of the most important aspects to value and is a defining feature of the sport we know and love. However, there is always room for improvement. By upgrading dad to the gear of the future, you’re not just giving the pack itself, but you’re giving the gift of better days on the water. Patagonia’s line of hip packs are made to revolutionize the way you fish through the gear you use. The Storm Front is made to be 100% waterproof, ensuring the safe passage of the important equipment inside. Not to mention it’s adjustable low profile hip strap and padded shoulder sling optimize weight distribution for the aging joints of the user, thus ensuring a long and comfortable day on the water.

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Product List:

Mountain Khaki Webbing Belt

Orvis Magnifier Lamp

Abel TR Click and Pawl Fly Reel

Orvis Anglers Pint

Costa Fantail Sunglasses

SA Amplitude Mpx Fly line

Grizzly Ridge Knife

Duck Camp Mallard Trucker Hat

Rail Riders Cabo Cantina Shirt

Flylords Grateful Dead Bear Tee

Seaholm Offshore Dive Watch

Sightline Yeti Cuff

Buff USA Aqua Gloves

Casus Grill Instant BBQ

Patagonia Storm Front Hip Pack


*feature photo courtesy of outdoorlife.com


Article written by Flylords Team Member Wills Donaldson 

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