Why You Should Never Use Tailing Gloves

As the cool temps of fall and winter come slashing in, gloves become a necessity to keep your mitts warm while casting. But, gloves can have a horrific effect on fish if you handle them while wearing them. As the video above illustrates, tailing gloves, and really any sort of glove will strip fish of their protective slime coating, which can eventually kill the fish. Fish rely on their slime coating to protect themselves from substances and diseases in the water, sort of like an external immune system. So next time you’re fishing while wearing gloves, remember to take those things off before you touch fish sitting in your net!


  1. This video is BS! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† There is no context to it and it seems like they simply set out to achieve a desired outcome. I’ve discussed this video with several biologists along with aquaculture workers and we all seem to unanimously agree this video is simply being used as propaganda.

    Cotton gloves have and are still used at hatcheries, fish lifts, and aquaculture settings with no Ill effects. Trout do far more self inflicted damage and slime removal during spawning than any glove hand would ever do during reasonable handling..

    I would FAR rather someone use a wet glove to quickly and securely subdue a fish in any situations than have them flop out of bare hands and land on a rock or the bottom of a boat πŸ˜‰

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