What is Orvis Cooking Up for July 28th?

What is Orvis cooking up in their rod workshop in Manchester? A new Helios line? A re-branded Clearwater or Recon? While the possibilities are limited, whatever’s next is getting the fly fishing world ignited. Check out the mysterious press release below and stay tuned for more updates as the story progresses!

From Orvis

“Spend seasons in boats and on the banks with storied guides and the planet’s fishiest DIY anglers and you’ll learn that the fishing quickly takes a backseat to deep conversations. That’s when our rod design team listens the hardest. We catalog input, cherry-pick consistent themes, and obsess over our anglers’ needs, wants, and challenges to design technique-driven tapers that answer the constantly evolving question of “What if?” with “Here’s what.”

New for summer 2021, we’re bringing you a series of high-concept, highly refined rods meant to excel in specific angling scenarios. Each new model provides accuracy with purpose — exactly what you’ve come to expect from the leading name in innovation because our process is really quite simple: Fish with the best anglers, listen instead of talking, take notes and you can’t help but return the favor with the best rods.”

What do you think the new rod line will be? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Could see them getting some super specific Helios or Recon (Same general build) for some of the above mentioned scenarios, red fish specific, higher wind specific, nymph specific, steelhead specific. Love the blackout/drip look. I’m super excited to see what comes out that day. Last 10 years of Orvis Rods have been phenomenal.

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