In this Video of the Week, we take a look at Oliver Sutro’s film One Man’s Trash. One Man’s Trash is about how Bennett Hrabovsky uprooted his idyllic life as a fishing guide to try and get a “real” job in real estate after his dad passed away. That plan flops and he spends the summer living on top of his 1990 Cadillac Deville in some of North Americas wealthiest summering locations like Martha’s Vineyard. Strapped for cash, Bennett picks up trash on the beaches to tie flies for fishing, and enters into a fishing tournament. The simple joys of life are exactly that: simple, and often free.

In a world where everything is so uncertain right now and the monotony of working from home is really starting to hit hard. This film encapsulates the beauty of the freedom to do whatever you want. To not let someone tell you no, to not let that famous quote of “one day” take control of what you truly want. Bennett says it best, ” Do this, do that someday, someday… I think the key is not letting someday turn into the kind of thing that happens over and over again until its too late and you can’t do it anymore.” So if this is the push to get up and take that road trip, fish that body of water, or just make that leap. Take it!

Check out Oliver’s Page here: @OliverSutro

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