Video of the Week: Finding Common Ground

With our sport rapidly growing, there is unfortunately sometimes conflict on the river. I have heard multiple cases of anglers complaining about others bothering them in one way or another. This film aims to solve some of those issues. Finding Common Ground is a series put on by Fat Bottom Brewing that brings together people from multiple industries that often knock heads. Some other episodes in this series include rock climbers colliding with hunters, and mountain bikers encountering off roaders. In this video they focus on a fly fisherman and a kayaker.

The film focuses on Leland Miyawaki, an avid fly fisherman, and Tyler Bradt, a professional kayaker. They both discuss the stereotypes of each other and begin to understand the perspective of the other person. Throughout the film they have the opportunity to experience each other’s passions and realize that they are both fighting for a common goal, to protect public lands. Be sure to check out the full film to see what you can do to help their cause.

This film is presented by Fat Tire Brewing, be sure to check out their YouTube channel to see the rest of the “Finding Common Ground” series.

The video of the week is selected and written by Fly Lords team member Conner Grimes (@doublehaulfishing).

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