Video of the Week: Desert Buffet

This week we had the chance to talk with Gilbert Rowley about an awesome and unique film in his buffet series. Check out what he had to say about fishing in the desert:

FlyLords: Start off by telling us some about your buffet series.

Gilbert: The Buffet Series has been a lot of fun! Myself and my good filmmaking/fly fishing friend Phil Tuttle set out to create a handful of short fly fishing films that showcase the elements of fly fishing that truly excite us as anglers. Our intent was to create videos that people could connect with because of the adventure itself, and not necessarily a deep meaningful story. The goal of the series is simple, inspire people to get outside and engage in healthy activities such as fly fishing. We’ve been blessed to visit some amazing locations while filming this series, and we’ve also been able to capture some amazing footage close to home. All of which has resulted in a fun series of films for people to enjoy.

FlyLords: What gave you the idea to go out to the desert to make this film?

Gilbert: As both filmmakers and fly fishermen we are always searching for unique opportunities in diverse places. These fish are surrounded on all sides by red rocks and sand, and we knew this would set the backdrop for a fun experience. As shown in the opening scene of Desert Buffet, we played with the idea of an oasis in the desert, which in a lot of ways is what fly fishing can be for many people who work uneventful jobs all week just to escape to their favorite river/oasis on the weekend where they can chase some fish.

FlyLords: Tell us about the tactics you were using to catch these fish.

Gilbert: The bass were the intended targets for the film, and the bluegill just happened to be a sweet bonus to the project. For the bass we waded the shallows looking for sight fishing opportunities. Once a fish was spotted we would cast a large streamer in their vicinity and watch as they would chase and most of the time SMASH our offering. It was awesome! Not very technical, but a good eye for spotting fish was definitely needed. The bluegill were pretty easy to catch, after finding a school of fish we would stay hidden behind the cattails and dap our flies in front of them. They are such a fun fish on a 3 wt!

FlyLords: The bluegill sequence was my favorite part of the film. How were you able to get so close to capture those videos?

Gilbert: Getting the underwater eats on film was certainly harder than catching the fish. To accomplish this we used a 12 foot painters pole extended all the way with a GoPro attached to the end. We kept ourselves concealed while we slowly extended the camera and pole as close to them as we thought manageable without spooking the fish. The trick was to dap the fly in front of the camera and see if the fish would come to us. It worked! We couldn’t believe how willing these fish were, and we were certainly pleased they were’t camera shy!

FlyLords: What’s next for Gilbert Rowley/Capture Adventure Media?

Gilbert: First off, here in the next month we will launch the second half of the Buffet Series on our YouTube channel which includes, tarpon and permit from Belize, BC bull trout, and some amazing trout fishing films. We are always on the lookout for fresh inspiring ideas to capture and share with others in the hope that it will help others get outside and enjoy this great world we’ve been given to enjoy! We have some amazing adventure opportunities to film this coming year, so subscribe and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more exciting content!

This interview was conducted by FlyLords team member Conner Grimes (@doublehaulfishing).

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