Video of the Week: Between the Lines

My buddies and I had wanted to do a feature film on fly fishing for stripers ever since we started targeting them together.  We knew that under the right conditions, these fish are some of the most exciting, visual gamefish out there.  The trick is getting them to show themselves on camera, especially the big ones.  Our high school gave us the last 2 months of our senior year to do a project of our choosing, so we decided to dedicate that time to make this film, and continued working into the summer. Scouting and filming combined, we spent about three and a half months straight on the water dialing everything in.  Twelve definitely seemed to be the magic number for us: 12 weight rods, 12-inch flies, 12 hours a day on the water.  It was a grind, for sure.  A lot of techniques we used kind of evolved organically along the way, in terms of both fishing and filming tactics.  I think I can speak for the three of us in saying it was one of the most formative angling experiences we’ve had.  After all, nothing makes fly fishing harder than throwing cameras into the mix!

Between the Lines was produced by Thomas Freund (IG: @tbfreund), Faulkner Wilson (IG: @rfwilson1) and Michael Kamsky.

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