Video: On the Dry with Paul Thacker

Paul Thacker is showing people that anybody can do anything, regardless of the circumstances. Paul is a professional freestyle snowmobile rider who has been awarded many medals at the X-Games. Paul suffered a spinal injury in 2010, taking his ability to walk, but that has not slowed him from accomplishing his dreams.

Aside from becoming one of the most well known snowmobile riders, Paul also enjoys fly fishing. In the film above, you can see him targeting some of the largest fish that Jurassic Lake has to offer. He uses an off-road capable motorized chair to get to his fishing spots. Paul has been able to do some amazing things despite his injury, and I’m sure we will see more great things from him in the future.

Check out Paul’s Instagram and YouTube page to keep up with the awesome stuff that he is doing.

Paul Thacker: X-Games Athlete

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