High above Smuggler’s Notch, a Vermont Ski resort, lies the highest elevation stocked pond in the state. Recently, that pond was stocked with hundreds of brook trout. However, they encountered a challenge as there wasn’t an easy way to transport the trout up to the mountain. So they used the ski resort’s chairlifts. Each chair helping to carry a load of young trout up to the pond.

Below is Mike Chait’s recounting of the day, who had the pleasure of accompanying the fish on their journey to the top of the mountain:

“Thanks for tuning in! This is Mike Chait filling in for Hugh while we enjoy another beautiful summer at Smugglers’. I’ve got an interesting little story for you today!

During my many years at Smuggs, I’ve had a chance to ride the lift with some interesting folks. There’s a lot you can learn while riding the chair and holding a conversation with a complete stranger. Often I’ve found I have a lot in common with my lift-riding partner.

This past week, I had a different experience than I’m used to. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to ride the chair again, this time in a T-shirt, tagging along with Mountain Operations as they took care of a yearly task. But I didn’t have the chance to talk much on the chair. And there was nobody for me to listen to. No friendly conversation about how long we’ve been coming to Smuggs, no discussion of our favorite trails. Just silence.”

“I was riding up with a bunch of fish. Yeah, like the kind that swim. Brook trout, to be exact. Each year, Smugglers’ Mountain Operations team works together with Vermont’s Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to stock the Sterling Pond with hundreds of little swimmers. It’s quite the adventure for these little fishies!

The truck arrives with our special guests in tow. From there, bag-lined cans are filled with water. Fish are added to their new (temporary) vessel of transport, and a special shot of oxygen is introduced to calm their nerves. Brook trout are notorious for having a fear of heights, so the more we can do to keep them happy, the better chance they’ll have of loving their new home at the top of Sterling Mountain…”

To read more about the Brookies’ journey up the mountain, check out this article on UnofficialNetworks.com!

Source: Unofficial Networks.

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