Umpqua Signature Tyer Series Season Three is LIVE!

Whether you’re a seasoned tyer with more worn-out vise jaws than you know what to do with, or an angler just looking to refill some fly boxes during the winter, Umpqua’s Signature Tyer Series is for you. The annual series is a phenomenal way to expose yourself to new patterns, techniques, and fly tying tricks.

From Umpqua

We are excited to announce Season Three of the popular live tying sessions. Join us at the desk of some of the most innovative fly tyers from around the globe as they spin up some of their Signature Patterns.

For season three we will be doing weekly themed sessions on the various styles of flies tied by members of our Signature Tyer Family. This format will be hosted by one of our tyers so that our tying community can dive deep into these fly styles.

Watch live in conjunction with Trout Unlimited, every Thursday at 7pm MST on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. (We recommend tuning in via YouTube for an optimal viewing experience)

See you at the vise!

The Season Three Line-up:

If you missed the previous live sessions, you can watch them below:

December 2nd with Charlie Craven

December 9th with Lance Egan


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