This fish will scare you, burn your fingers, make you shout and will become your addiction. If you are planning a trip to go after these giants of the Amazon basin, get ready for an encounter with nature like you have never had. A journey of several hours through winding jungle rivers, and get ready to leave behind all traces of civilization. Entering waters where the indigenous people are the rulers and their rules must be respected.

In my beautiful country Colombia, fishing is like this:

-Indigenous people will drive long “bongo” type boats with 40 hp outboards that will give you plenty of room and avoid any chance of snagging you partner while you cast.

-We sleep in tents or hammocks. After a long day in the sun (6 am to 6 pm), you will surely be tired. This, plus the fresh temperature after sunset, promise a pleasant night.

-Be sure to pack tropical floating, intermediate and sink tip fly lines. You won’t know where the peacocks will be until you get there. Water level, sun conditions, and other factors will challenge your skills and in order to find them, you must be able to present flies at all depths.

-Personally, I fish them with a 9 weight rod, although you can get away with an 8 or 10 weight. Basically, it depends on the flies you are casting. I prefer poppers and big streamers.

-Peacock bass are hard fighters and will try to run for cover once hooked, so be prepared to stop them before they have the chance to do so.

-After you catch your first peacock, you will become so addicted to them that the only thought you will be left with is, “I need to get a bigger one.”

Check out Jose’s latest Peacock Video:

Jose Bravo is a fly fishing guide in Columbia, focusing on massive Peacock Bass. See his adventures on Instagram @thepeacockbass

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