The Satisfaction of Fly Fishing

 “Never stop learning, never stop experiencing, and never be satisfied.” This is what I would call an applicable motto for most of us fly anglers. The motivation to fish harder and experience more is what keeps us going and progressing in this sport. However, I dare ask, have you ever had an experience so amazing that it truly satisfied your expectations, hopes, and wildest dream.

This past year I took a trip with two of my good friends Devin Olsen and Connor Murphy. We headed North across the border for Connor and my first ever bull trout fishing excursion. What we found was second to no other trip I’ve ever experienced.

Three days of remote backpacking and fishing lead us to one of the most unbelievable landscapes with some of the most stunning fish on this planet. Our admiration and respect for bull trout and the areas they inhabit increased with every fish we caught, and every mile we hiked.

Catching, admiring, and releasing these fish was both rewarding and humbling. They truly are amazing fish! Sharing these moments with two friends may have been the most gratifying aspect of all.

Fortunately, our satisfaction fizzled as Connor ate his last Snickers bar and we hiked out in the pitch dark. We talked about heading back there someday and discussed the other dream seeking adventure we hope to experience in the future. No doubt the motto mentioned above burns within each of us, with one simple word added: “Never stop learning, never stop experiencing, and never be completely satisfied.”

These guys know how to have fun and catch some fish! For more of their work, check out Gilbert RowleyDevin Olsen, and Connor Murphy.

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