The Ocean Cleanup Removes 64 Tons of Garbage from Great Pacific Garbage Patch in Test Phase

If you’ve been following environmental news over the past few years, you’ve likely heard stories of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that circulates at sea formed from decades of plastic debris. A few years ago, an ambitious start-up, the Ocean Clean-Up Project, launched with the goal of removing 90% of the plastic waste floating in the ocean by 2040. Although the project took a few years to launch its prototype fleet of autonomous cleaning vehicles, a recent test run has proved the viability of the project as a whole, when one of their vehicles successfully removed 20-tons of waste. Those 20 tons are only a third of the total 65 tons that were removed during the prototype phase.

The CEO of the Ocean Project tweeted this in response to the success of the final test run:

To learn more about the Ocean Cleanup Project head to their website, here!

For more information on the successful testing phase, check out this article from Business Insider!

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