This article was written by Xena King, an avid angler based in Canada. She is currently finishing her undergrad degree in Northern Canada. To follow along with Xena’s BC adventures give her a follow on Instagram at @xenaking96.
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I was born and raised in Banff Alberta and I’m currently living in Northern BC. I’m finishing a four-year Biology degree. I try to spend every free weekend out fly fishing in the beautiful British Columbia wilderness.
On this particular trip, my friend Jeremie Roy @jer.roy and I traveled 5 hours in the dark, down many unknown dirt roads, in search of finding some bull trout. Luckily, Jeremie had spent time previously scouting and we had researched various scientific papers to about the fishery so we were hoping to find some large predators.
But like most hidden treasures it takes hope, dedication and a little intuition to reap the rewards. So after a fantastic campfire breakfast and an unexpected flat tire repair, we assembled our rafts and rods to gave it our best shot!
An abundance of kokanee wrestling in the shallows heightened the excitement that the bulls might be around. We used various 6-inch red and green streamers on an 8-9 weight rod. We fished our first pool and it didn’t take long before the line was tight.
Fish after fish we cruised down the river, so enamored by the treasures below the surface we didn’t even stop for lunch. The adventure was well worth the study time sacrificed, although I’m sure our professors would think otherwise!

Photos and words from Xena King, give her a follow on Instagram at @xenaking96. Additional photos by Jeremie Roy @jer.roy.

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