It’s the eleventh hour for Bristol Bay. The US Army Corps of Engineers is expected to make its final permit decision later this summer. In the long fight that has been Pebble Mine, not much has changed. The mine would still be located in an amazingly productive and vulnerable ecosystem. The permitting process is still flawed. Thousands of Alaskans and individuals all over the country still oppose the mine. Yet, Northern Dynasty Minerals (the company behind Pebble Mine) chugs along, by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on DC Lobbyists.

As fly fishermen and outdoors people, we have all advocated on behalf of Bristol Bay for years now. We have submitted comments highlighting the flawed science of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and the potential devastating consequences of a failure at the mine. But these comments have largely been ignored. Well, it’s time to put the pressure on President Trump–who ultimately is the final gatekeeper for Pebble Mine. President Trump will decide if Pebble Mine and the foreign-owned Northern Dynasty Minerals secure the key Army Corps of Engineers permit.

Save Bristol Bay is making a final plea to convince President Trump to deny the permit:

Dear Mr. President, 

We are writing to ask for your help on an issue that threatens American jobs and outdoor traditions. As anglers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts we are extremely concerned about a massive open-pit gold and copper mine that a Canadian mining company is proposing to build in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska.    

The efforts to develop the massive mine in this unique area threaten more than 14,000 American jobs, a fishery worth more than $1.5 billion dollars annually and a sport fishing and hunting paradise. It is considered a world-class fishing destination, which even your son and grandson have enjoyed.  

If built, the mine would decimate many miles of streams and up to 10 billion tons of mine waste would have to be stored without accident behind earthen dams, forever. The mine is relentlessly opposed by most Alaskans, as well as anglers, hunters and other outdoor recreation businesses from around the country.  

Preventing this mine from moving forward would protect American jobs, safeguard the culture of rural America, and ensure that our national outdoor heritage prospers.   

If Theodore Roosevelt were alive today, he would draw the line and stop this mine from jeopardizing so many things American value.  Please stand up for American businesses, jobs and a hunting and fishing paradise by denying a permit for the proposed Pebble mine. 


[your name]

To add your name to this petition and help protect Bristol Bay, go to Save Bristol Bay’s take action page.

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