“Tarpon (1973)” the Movie

This film is a blast from the past that popped up onto our Facebook feed from a saltwater fly fishing Facebook group, and after watching the first few minutes, it was abundantly clear that it belonged in a Flylords story. The film was released back in 1973, and could definitely be considered one of the first true fly fishing films. It features more than a few familiar faces who have well achieved the title of “Fly Fishing Legend” since the film was first released.

According to IMDB, Tarpon is “The first of the modern fishing films, shot in the wild panorama of 1970s Key West. Colorful scenes of Key West from another era – with treasure hunters, smugglers, hippies, and eccentrics – are the background to stunning cinematography and tarpon fishing at its finest. Authors, Richard Brautigan, Tom McGuane, and Jim Harrison join with legendary flats guides, Woody Sexton, Gil Drake, and Steve Huff.”

This movie has it all, Key West in the ’70s, a Jimmy Buffet soundtrack, a cast of characters we’ve all come to love over the decades, and some incredible vintage footage of the early days of tarpon on the fly.

This video pairs best with a low-ball glass of Frigate Reserve Rum and a fly tying vise. Enjoy.

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