Video of the Week: Stuff Fly Fishing Gals Say

Last spring, Emerald LaFortune approached me about making this silly short. She’s an outdoor writer and avid fly-fisherwoman (am I saying this wrong? Haha…) who was tired of seeing only dudes in fly-fishing films. I had just released “Old Friends, New Fish” (thanks to a “women in fly-fishing” film grant) & “Shit Skier Girls Say: Backcountry Edition” so it makes sense for us to team up. Emerald has all the fishy knowledge, reached out to a bunch of rad guide gals, pitched to Orvis & NRS, and then we did our best to produce something funny and relatable.

Featuring: Kelly Harrison, Hilary Hutcheson, Jess Moore, Leandra Guericke, and Emerald LaFortune.

Sophie Danison is a filmmaker, creator and fly fishing gal. Check out her awesome content @sophie_danison on Instagram and on Vimeo!

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