Stories from the Road: F3T Montana

As I write this blog entry, we cross the Montana boundary line into Idaho, and then, on to Spokane! Montana has been an incredible experience, so I thought I would share some of the highlights.

East Rose Buds Fly Shop – Billings, Montana

As we travel across the country, the fishing cultures continue to change. On our way from Denver to Billings, we stopped in one of the craziest fly shops I have ever seen. In the picture above, Rich, from East Rose Buds Fly Shop, shows off his brown trout tattoo!

The Babcock Theater – Billings, Montana 

Pulling up to this old school theater in the Costa Rig was definitely a highlight!

Bozeman, Montana  

Billings was a late show, so we ended up making the late night trek to Bozeman after the show. Learning how to drive on these Montana roads in snowy conditions was definitely an unforgettable experience…

Simms Headquarters – Bozeman, Montana

We met up with one of our sponsors, Simms Fishing in Bozeman, and had a chance to tour the facility. 

Simms Factory Worker, 1/24/17

It was incredible to see how much love is put into each pair of waders. 

The Emerson Theater – Bozeman, Montana 

People enter the Emerson Theater for a night of entertaining fly fishing content.

F3T sells out the 4pm show at the Emerson

 At The End of A Rainbow plays in the background of the Emerson Theater. 

Adipose Boatworks – Helena, Montana 

We had the chance to tour the factory where this badass drift boat was assembled.

Adipose Craftsmen hard at work, 1/26/17

Another company that hand makes their products in the great state of Montana. Incredible detail went into every part of this boat. 

Brad Boyer approaches a drift boat on the Missouri River

 This was the first chance our F3T Road crew had a chance to fish, and it happened to be taking place on the legendary MO! We put work in the rear view and had a chance to relax and concentrate on the fishing.

Jack Cholewa Holds up his first fish of the trip. 

On day two of floating the Mo, Jack ran into this beautiful brown trout on his first cast of the day.

The Wilma – Missoula, Montana 

The 8pm sold out show in Missoula was my favorite yet. The crowd was alive, the speakers were bumping, and the beer was flowing.

Trudging through Snow on the Legendary Blackfoot River

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