Big news for all of you game-changer loving fly tyers out there, Spawn Fly Fish has just released a brand new product that is going to be the base for some incredible jigged streamer patterns.

Spawn Fly Fish is constantly working on new projects but something about this one seems just right. After months of ironing out the details, the new Spawn 90º Jig Shank is here. This product brings everything you love about fishing jig-style flies to the articulated world. From movement to appearance, fly tying is continually pushing the envelope.

This shank can be easily weighted with beads or dumbbell eyes. Add more shanks for multiple articulations, or simply slide on a hook to fit your target species. This new product comes in three sizes — 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm — creating endless possibilities for new patterns and adding different movements to existing ones. From steelhead to bass to bonefish, we expect this product to have applications across the globe. Available in 20 packs for just $5.99. With the 90º Spawn Jig Shank, you know it’s right!

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