Snook in Texas? You Better Believe It

Historically, Snook have always been very rare catches for Texas saltwater anglers but that is changing rather rapidly. Since the 1980’s researchers at Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who conduct gill net surveys, have seen a “3 to 5-fold increase in the number of adult snook present in Texas’ bays.” The snook family of fish consists of 12 subspecies, of which generally inhabit tropical waters. This begs the question: what is bringing this increase of snook to Texas’ bays? Researchers believe that this is due to oceanic warming trends, which are causing many species to expand their ranges further northward. While warming oceans may be a concerning topic for the world, it will be interesting to see how Texas’ new snook population fares and whether anglers can begin seeing constant action with this relatively new species in Texas bays.

For more information and data about Texas’ growing snook population, check out Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine’s article: Booming Texas Snook Population: Coming Soon to a Bay Near You.

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Photos courtesy of Jake Wood, @jakewood14 on Instagram.


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