Salmon River, NY Experiences Closures Due to Low Water

Fly Zones closed until further notice per order of the NY DEC.

Photo from Shane Muckey - Facebook

Featured image from Shane Muckey

As anglers arrived to try their hand at landing King and Coho salmon in the Salmon River’s Lower Fly Zone, they were greeted with a sign from the New York DEC stating that the fly fishing only zone would be closed until Oct. 31, to ensure the hatchery hits its quota of recovered Pacific Salmon eggs. Even more recently, in a DEC press release, the state confirmed that the closure would remain in effect “until further notice.”

Map of the Salmon River Lower Fly Zone. (NY DEC)

This isn’t the first time the river has dealt with lower dam outflows, in 2007, 2012, and 2016, the zones were closed for similar reasons, according to Shane Muckey.

To read more about the closure, check out this article from David Figura for NY Upstate!

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