As many have seen, Sage just released their next generation of rod technology on April 5th. This R8 technology in the new R8 Core features new graphite for the first time in 20 years. With this rod launch, Sage brought together a group of 40 individuals from all across North America to learn about the new rod technology and test it out on the waters of Western Montana.

The event kicked off with a presentation from Sage’s Rod Designer, Peter Knox about what makes the R8 Core so unique. This included a full look into the past generations of Sage’s flagship rods and comparing them to the new tech.

Austin Campbell admiring his new R8 Core

From there, everyone at the event was gifted a new R8 Core 590-4 and a Spectrum LT and sent off to the local river and ponds on the property to really give the rods a test. Despite some gnarly wind, there were quite a few fish found that morning with the new rods. After being chased off by the wind and the sub-freezing temps, it was time to kick back and trade fish stories with some of the most incredible anglers in North America. Hearing stories from Steve Dally about some of his best days on the White River in Arkansas to talking euro nymphing with Matt Heron on the Truckee. There was no shortage of good fish stories being passed around.

Some of the crew testing out the new rods on the pond in less than ideal conditions.
Chris Hill with a brookie from the Sage Lodge pond.

The next day, the group split up onto three spring creeks and a float trip. This was where I really got to see the rod perform the way it was intended to. The groups fishing spring creeks found their success with delicate presentations of dry flies and dry-dropper rigs to spooky fish.

For those on the bigger water, chucking streamers at the banks and using big bobber rigs was what brought fish to the boat. The story is that Cheech from Fly Fish Food caught over 200 white fish. All that being said, this rod proved it is your do-it-all stick.

Matt Heron with a solid spring creek rainbow

After more fishing stories shared over some incredible bar-b-q, we capped off the trip with the Kitchen Dwellers filling the room with bluegrass music. A perfect ending to an outstanding event put on by Sage. We left Montana with a new rod, reel, and some badass new friends. Looking forward to taking the R8 across the country to visit these great folks in their fisheries.

We couldn’t thank Sage enough for inviting us to be a part of this incredible event. Make sure to go check out the new R8 Core at your local fly shop or at the link HERE

Sage Introduces Revolutionary New Graphite Technology & CORE Rod Family


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