A note from Katka Švagrová:

“After we saw the iguana swimming in the mangroves, @tothegills and I got an idea fishing @nonameflylodge. When we returned from the water, we sat behind the vice with a beer and made this little green creature! Jeff was working on the technical parts of the fly, and I finished the fly by polishing the iguana with little foam paws, a row of spines for his back, and a long striped tail! After all that work, it looked like the iguana swimming in the mangroves.

We couldn’t wait for the following day to put the fly to the test. Of course, we didn’t have any expectations as tarpon usually take pretty small flies and eat little fish and crab-type patterns. However, we were thinking, what if one of them takes it and how much fun it would be to watch them eat the iguana?

But what happened wholly blew our minds! With a first cast on cruising tarpon, we had an incredible eat and jumped our first fish! That madness continued with every single fish we targeted! Only one group of cruising tarpon refused to take our iguana fly all day! I’m still unsure if it was just an instinct for them to grab and kill that swimming iguana or if it was actually on their menu that day…”

Reel of the Week from Katka Švagrová fishing @nonameflylodge with @tothegills. Be sure to follow Katka on Instagram at @katka_svagrova.

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