Record Number of Asian Carp Caught in Minnesota

Featured video from our friend Drew Ross AKA @looknfishy on Instagram!

Despite all of our best management efforts, it seems that, unless more drastic measures are taken, that Asian Carp are here to stay, and making their ways upstream the Mississippi and many of our nation’s great river systems.

Recently, a record 51 Asian Carp were caught by commercial fisherman above Minnesota’s southernmost dam on the Mississippi River, a sign that these fish’s push northward is yet to be halted.

This discovery has Minnesota fish biologists and wildlife managers worried that their state and its rivers have finally become spawning grounds for the multiple carp species that fit the title of Asian Carp. A single female Big Head Carp (one of the 2 species caught by the commercial fisherman), can lay 1.4 million eggs in a single year. These fish can spell doom for countless native species in our rivers, and their invasion doesn’t seem like it’s going to be halted.

Luckily for us anglers, Grass Carp can be targetted on the fly rod, and if you get the chance to chase them, you can do your part by ensuring they don’t make it back into the river where you caught them!

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