Rare Melanistic Alligator Gar Landed on Fly

“Sometimes gar can make a slow day fun and this unicorn definitely did just that”

The best part about throwing some feathers and fur tied to a hook into dark waters is the mystery around what species will suck down the fly and take flight. Capt. Justin Jordan had just that happen while fly fishing for redfish near Galveston, Texas.

The captain and his client spotted the black beast cruising in the marsh when they made the cast to see what kind of reaction the fly would elicit. According to Jordan, the fish made a move on the fly the moment it hit the water.

“It was definitely the wrong fly for gar,” Jordan said. “And it’s kind of an ongoing joke because the ‘spork’ fly literally has caught almost every game species in the Gulf Coast marsh.”

Once the hook was set, chaos ensued as the hell beast rose from the water aggressively head shaking after being hooked.

“It was very surprising once the fish surfaced to see that it was jet black, which I had never seen in all of the alligator gar I had seen,” Justin Jordan, owner of Lotus Guide Service, told FTW Outdoors.

The fish was released without being removed from the water and lives to torment the dreams of anglers and fish for years to come.

You can learn more about the catch, here!


  1. My fishing buddy and I also “hooked” and landed a few of these monsters a month ago with a 8″ hookless rope fly that the monsters teeth got tangled with. Thanks to this article in bringing back those great memories. By the way, the release is by our guide gripping the rope with pliers, and jerking the gar off.

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