Querencia: A Trout Unlimited Film

Trout Unlimited’s film, “Querencia,” tells the story of how a small, old mining town is rebuilding its community through outdoor recreation and traditional agriculture. Located 30 miles north of Taos in North-central New Mexico, Questa is home to a core population of genetically pure Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout, an all too rare occurrence these days. Questa’s economy used to be centered around the Chevron Questa molybdenum mine.

The mine closed in 2014, but with help from Chevron Mining, Inc., the LOR Foundation, Trout Unlimited, and dedicated village leaders, Questa is making a comeback. Additionally, Questa is showing the country how outdoor recreation and a tourism-based economy can lead to economic stability and opportunity. Highlighted through all of this is the cultural and economical importance of wild, sustaining fish, like the Rio Grande Cutthroat, for communities around the country. Enough reading–watch Querencia and let us know what you think!

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