Product Spotlight: Yeti River Green Collection

Sponsored by REI and Yeti

As Yeti continues to dominate the drinkware and cooler market, it’s hard to keep up with new products and new colorways, but this latest drop definitely caught our eye. Introducing the River Green Collection!

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We had a shoot planned with Captain Abbie Schuster up in Marthas Vineyard to target some Fall Albacore running off Edgartown Mass, so our friends from REI sent up some new products in Yeti’s River Green Collection.

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Although Yeti says the collection is “INSPIRED BY GLACIER-FED RAVINES IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, RICH WITH EMERALD UNDERTONES” we thought it fit pretty well in the northeast as well…

untitled (101 of 311).jpgOn the shoot, we were testing out the new Hopper M 30, Yeti’s 12 OZ rambler with hotshot cap, and Yeti’s new day trip lunch bag. Here’s what we thought:

Let’s start with the Rambler 12 OZ Bottle with Hotshot Cap:

I am going to be quite honest when saying this is the first time I’ve reviewed a drinking mug, but dam, this thing is the real deal!

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Coming in at 12 OZ this rambler is the perfect size for a cup of Joe, and since we were on a boat for most of the trip having a 100% leakproof Hotshot Cap was crucial. The selling point for us here was also the River green colorway. If you are in the market for a new mug or are looking for a good gift idea, this is definitely a great option. Coming in at 29.99 with the Hot Shot cap included you aren’t killing the bank (Especially for a Yeti product). Click Here to Shop. 

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Yeti’s Daytrip Lunch Bag:

It took me a little while to understand where this would come in handy. $79.99 for a lunch bag? What’s wrong with a paper bag??

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That’s when it hit me, all those years of having soggy lunches floating around the cooler. The Day-trip Lunch Bag eliminates soggy lunch, as Yeti says “Pack a lunch you’ll actually look forward to”. It’s the little touches on this bag that make you realize Yeti didn’t leave out any details. Like the magnet closure, and the way the front of the bag hinges down effortlessly. The cherry on top of the cake? The bag is lined with hours of insulation, heck you could throw a few beers in there if you wanted to and this could become a small portable cooler! Click here to shop!

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The Hopper M30

I think it’s safe to say we were saving the best for last here…untitled (170 of 311).jpg

Every year Yeti finds new ways to improve their products, and the update to it’s previous Hopper was a big one. They somehow found a way to eliminate Zippers completely on this model. Using their new HydroShield™ Technology – a strip of ultra-strong magnets – this soft cooler closes on its own. The first few times you use it you kind of need to ask yourself (What kind of wizardry is this???)….

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.59.38 PM

I’ve read some other reviews about the cooler being hard to open, and needing three hands, and although at times it’s hard to open with one hand, I still think this is a big improvement from Yeti’s last model and worth the upgrade. Not to mention the cooler looks badass, and comes in River Green!

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We spent 3 days in Marthas Vineyard loading this thing in and out of boats and cars opening it up for drinks and food, and we loved it, Abbie loved it. Coming in at $299.99 this cooler is definitely an investment, but it’s also backed by Yeti’s 5-year warranty, and would be a killer addition to your drinkware arsenal! Did we mention it came in River Green? Click here to shop. 

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We had a killer time testing out these products in Marthas Vineyard! And we are excited to see what Yeti comes up with next!

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Shoutout to Abbie for the day on the water, and to REI and Yeti for supporting this #sponsored review.

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