Pittsburgh, PA

On the morning of Monday, November 4th, drivers on Route 28 in Southwestern PA, witnessed a bizarre event. A man driving lost control of his car, which overturned and slid into the guardrail. Now to most of us, this would be a jarring experience. However, the man in the car had other plans for his day, and no amount of bodily or vehicular damage would stop him…he was headed to the river.

As the rescue crew and ambulance arrived, the man, who was shaken but not harmed, told the responders that he was going fishing. So he picked up his rod and tackle box and started walking down the road, and only had time to tell the ambulance driver that he was going fishing.

According to WTAE Pittsburgh, “At last check, officials had not caught up with the man.”

This dude is essentially the Jason Bourne of fisherman, he brushed off the accident like he had planned on it happening, and walked off into the distance to complete his fishing mission.

Source: WTAE Pittsburgh

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