Photo of the Day: Bull Trout In Pristine Waters

Today we decided to use the boat and give our legs a rest after some strenuous hiking the last couple weekends. We originally set out to target some lake run cut throats, where we find success by trolling stone fly patterns off the back of the boat. Right off the hop we smashed two Cutty’s, making us think this was gonna be a productive day. We were wrong, and the bites quickly came to a halt. Time for plan B… We pull the fly rods in and twisted the throttle to go explore the rest of the lake. We came up upon a beautiful stream which entered the lake, a good place to target trout with increased oxygen and food levels. We beached the boat and hiked our way up the river.  After a few minutes I decided to re-rig my stonefly pattern, and switched to a nymph rig. Sure enough first cast this bull trout hit my line, it scrapped hard taking me down two pools until I finally landed it. I hoisted it up for a quick snap, heard the waterfalls pouring in, smelt the crisp mountain air and admired the chunk or char I had my hands wrapped around.

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