Pennsylvania has always been an epicenter for trout stocking for decades, and the state is among one of the US’s heaviest trout stockers, which has made it a hotbed for anglers looking to catch easy trout, and conservationists urging the state to adopt new trout management practices. PA is home to the second most trout water in the country behind Alaska.


“Brood trout – those that have been kept at commission hatcheries an extra year or two as the source of eggs for the commission’s ongoing trout rearing and stocking program – will jump from about 27,000 this year to about 60,000 next year.

Trophy golden rainbow trout, each also 2-3 years old, will increase from 9,500 this year to 13,000 next year.”

To many anglers, this is awesome news, bigger fish that are easier to spot and fool, sign us up! But, stocking large fish can be an absolute detriment to the wild trout and native fish that inhabit those waters. Because of their size and tendency to be more aggressive, stocked fish quickly out-compete smaller wild fish.

To all those venturing into the Keystone State in the next year, we wish you good luck, whether you’re chasing stocked fish, or pushing into the Pennsylvania wilderness on the hunt for wild fish!

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