Pennsylvania Ranks 6th in Nation for Outdoor Recreation Economy

Image Courtesy of The Bay Journal

Pennsylvania, also known as the “Keystone State” was ranked in the top 10 states receiving the most funding in the outdoor recreation sector in 2019. With the influx of government funding, PA took the 6th place spot netting $13 billion dollars in revenue. Pennsylvania was accompanied by multiple states including New York ranking 4th, Virginia ranking 17th, and Maryland ranking 23rd according to the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Recreation has many facets but not all were considered in this study. The key components considered were money spent on travel, accommodations, food, retail sales, and employment related to outdoor product manufacturing. It is no question that the recreation and outdoor industry saw a spike due to COVID-19. We all saw the impacts of the pandemic in the outdoor industry first hand. Kayaks were quickly hard to come by as well as hiking and fishing equipment. It will be interesting to see where PA will land during the next analysis.

Read the full article on recreational revenue, here!

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