Ballot Initiative Introduced in Oregon to Ban Hunting and Fishing

Photo: Toby Nola

It seems like once a year a state bill gets introduced somewhere that would outlaw hunting and fishing on the grounds of animal cruelty. Oregon Initiative Petition 13 (IP 13) has left the desk of Oregon’s Secretary of State for circulation in July and under Oregon’s initiative petition process, IP 13 organizers have until July 2022 to gather the 112,020 signatures needed to get the initiative onto the November 2022 ballot.

According to Yahoo News “The proposal, Initiative Petition 13, would lift virtually all exemptions to state laws related to animal abuse, neglect, and sexual assault. The vast majority would ban common farming practices from artificial insemination used in targeted breeding and killing live animals for meat. Farm animals could only be raised for rodeos, milk or fur and could be spayed, neutered and castrated.”

If the initiative is successful it will ban the harvest of any animal by hunting, fishing, and trapping and will only allow a self-defense exception. It will also criminalize common animal husbandry practices, slaughter for food, and common breeding practices, such as artificial insemination.

This initiative, like the many that have come before it, is very unlikely to pass the vote and become law. However, it is a sign to hunters and anglers to be more conscious of the non-hunting-and-angling crowd’s eyes, and ensure that we’re showing the utmost respect to the animals we target during our time on the water and in the field.

You can read more about Oregon’s IP 13, in this article!


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