How One Man is Pioneering Catch-and-Release Fishing in Europe

“Welcome to Iceland” is a film created by Brothers on the Fly that captures the amazing landscape of Iceland while also showing the benefits of catch-and-release (C&R) fishing. These two brothers come from Germany, where this practice is illegal. Germany has some pretty strict animal protection law and one paragraph says (quickly translated) “causing harm to any animal for no rational cause” is illegal. What counts as “rational cause/reason” is decided by courts. With regards to fishing, so far only fishing for food is considered “rational cause”. So C&R is not technically illegal per se, but pure catch and release fishing is, as you have no intention to take any fish home. This film works to show the issues with that reasoning and shows how catch-and-release can actually lead to a much healthier ecosystem than one where fish are caught and killed.
In this film, the brothers follow a local engineering student who has been managing a brown trout river since 2010, tagging and tracking the fish that he catches. Check out the film to see the results of this project on a virtually untouched stretch of water.
Jonas Borinski is a fly fisherman and catch-and-release proponent focusing his efforts in Germany. Check the rest of his awesome work out on Instagram @brothersonthefly!
Conner Grimes is Flylords contributor. Check him out on Instagram @southeastflyfishing!

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