Off the Grid: Our First Trip to New Zealand

We knew New Zealand would be a trip of a lifetime. With our trip rapidly approaching all free time was spent fine tuning our skills.

The first day we learned pretty quickly that you had to put in your time and earning a fish wasn’t easy. We came to find that Fly fishing in New Zealand is more like hunting than any other fly fishing we have experienced. With the day winding down and thanks to Matts keen eye, Stephanie pulled a nice size brown trout out from under a tree using a terrestrial.

The third day was when we truly fell in love with New Zealand. Matt took us to his special river. The day started with pouring rain but that didn’t deter us. The scenery was ever changing from rolling hills to rocky gorges.  Halfway through the day we rounded a corner and at the tail end of a pool was a large black shape. With caution, Amanda slipped in to the water and crept along the rocky shore. On her knees, she got into position. We tried a dry but no luck, so we switched to a nymph which was a success. With a battle that lasted forever we finally netted the brown and when we did, we realized it was not your average size, but a 10lb brute!

To top of the day Stephanie caught a 6.5lb beauty of a brown. It was the last bend on her final cast before we had to hike out. The brown put up one hell of a fight, running up and down the rapids. It was a great end to our unreal day.

Fly fishing around Queenstown was the most amazing and epic fishing adventure we have been on and we have Matt Butler of Travel Truly to thank for it. We haven’t been guided by someone of that caliber before, he is exceptional. His attention to detail is impeccable.

Fly fishing runs deep in Amanda and Stephanie’s family (pictured on the left), shaped by their father and uncle’s love for the sport. They currently live in Carbondale, Colorado where beautiful rivers and high mountain lakes are at their finger tips, they also enjoy exploring and the challenge of adventure. For more, check out the two sister’s adventures on Amanda’s Instagram and Stephanie’s Instagram.

Matt Butler, founder of Traveltruly, is a passionate, energetic fly fishing and travel guide based out of Wanaka, New Zealand. Originally from the Central North Island, Matt moved south to immerse himself in the incredible Fly Fishing and diversity that the South Island has to offer and spends most of his time exploring the numerous waters and attractions that the amazing landscape provides.

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