Hollywood Gets to Work on New Fly Fishing Movie Set in Montana

Photo from KBZK/KXLF News
Photo from KBZK/KXLF News

Move over Norman Maclean and Robert Redford, a new fly fishing movie destined for the silver screen is in production in Montana. “Mending the Line“, written by Montana native Stephen Camelio, “is a fly-fishing film that revolves around the story of a Marine (Sinqua Walls) wounded in Afghanistan that comes to a Montana VA hospital where he struggles to deal with his trauma. There he meets a Vietnam veteran (played by Brian Cox) who is dealing with his own trauma and teaches the younger vet to deal with his physical and emotional trauma.”

Unlike many films set within the borders of the Treasure State, this production will be filmed entirely in Montana. The film’s director, Joshua Caldwell, had this to say about the topic, “To not only be able to come out here and make the movie, but to have that movie be about fly fishing and to shoot it here in Montana, in Bozeman, in Livingston, on the Yellowstone, on the Gallatin, is incredibly special and I think that to me as a director, your location is such of the movie.”

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The fly fishing scenes from the film are being produced as we speak, and fly fishing consultants have been involved since day one to make sure the film is as authentic to the sport as possible. One thing that stands out to us is the involvement of many brands in the fly fishing industry including Simms, RO Drift Boats, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, Bozeman Reels, and even Sage.

Hollywood hasn’t forayed into the realm of fly fishing as the focus of a film since “A River Runs Through It” hit the silver screen in the fall of 1992, and we’re hoping this film portrays our favorite past-time authentically.

To learn more about the film, check out this article from Channel 4 KXLF – Butte!


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    I had the honor of sharing part of a local hero’s story (the toughest parts I believe will never be shared) regarding the healing powers of fly fishing with fellow veterans who understand, no words and explanation needed in their camaraderie.

    I am so looking forward to viewing this movie. I know it will be great because the subject and people it relates to are the world’s best!

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