Meet “The Vaccinator Fly”

Tied up for the Galloup’s Slide Inn - Kill The Corona Fly Tying Contest

I am a novice tyer, at best. I’ve been at it for a couple of years, but only recently have I been able to spend any real-time learning the techniques. I really have no business entering any fly tying contests. 

That said, I watch a lot of YouTube videos and saw one about the contest and had an idea. Thought it might be fun/funny to enter the dry fly – mayfly category with a bit of a novelty fly.

Perhaps a stacked double mayfly spinner with a fused tail and a few liberties around color and segmentation might look a bit like a syringe. (i.e. the vaccine.)

Also, I know you can’t see it, the thing that makes this fly super fishy (HA!) is the gold holographic flashabou that wraps the bottom half of the bug. It’s there to represent the vaccine itself.

The dudes over at the Slide Inn very kindly gave it the award for “The Most Creative Packaging,”  7:35ish. Funny though… they never really mentioned the fly.


  • Hook: TMC 5212 – Size 10
  • Thread: UTC 70 Denier – white
  • Tail (the needle): 3 Mayfly tails – Medium dun (head cemented together to form the needle)
  • Underbody (the vaccine): Gold Holographic Flashabou (I know you can’t see it, but what good is the syringe without the vaccine?)
  • Body (syringe): White Superfine dubbing, Wire 1 (needle to syringe connection), UTC Ultra Wire – Red SM, Wire 2 (syringe measurements), UTC Ultra Wire – Black XS
  • Back Wing: White McFlylon (19 strands – you get it?)
  • Front Wing: EP fibers

Now you are ready to vaccinate some trout.

Fly recipe from Ian Groulx, give him a follow at @igroulx_flyfishing.

Kelly Galloup Launches Kill the Corona Fly Tying Contest


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