Key West Doesn’t Need More Cruise Ship Traffic

April 14, 2021 – Florida Keys Fishing Guide Association:

“Want bigger cruise ships to muck up Keys waters? Nope, we don’t either. But the city is being heavily pressured by state government to accept them. In fact, House and Senate bills are in place to override local policy to reduce ship size and quantity.

TODAY, let Governor Ron DeSantis know you oppose the House and Senate bills that would permit them, and HE SHOULD TOO!”

You can make your voice heard and tell Gov DeSantis to stop SB 426 and HB 267!

Call Florida Governor DiSantis: 850-717-9337

Email Gov DiSantis:


  1. What hypocrites.
    Flyfishing guides are totally ok for their clients to fly in on private jets, drop 700 dollars a day plus 150 cash for tip( otherwise known as untaxed money) to the guide, and then help the client limo to their gated hacienda.
    But, the guides say absolutely not to regular tourists.

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