Kentucky Couple Drowns While Fly Fishing in Idaho

John, 70, and Vickie Fourshee, 69, were on their grand adventure for the summer with a few friends to celebrate their anniversary when tragedy struck. As John was wading across the Moyie River in Idaho, he slipped filling his waders and was quickly swept downstream with his head below the water. After seeing her husband struggling, Vickie bolted into the water to attempt to save her husband, when she was also caught in the current filling her waders. 

The couple’s friends rushed to the water to do their best to help, but by the time they pulled the pair from the water, it was too late. Both John and Vickie drowned and were pronounced dead at the scene.

The Kentucky couple was beloved in their hometown, where Vickie was a heralded educator and John helped run Fourshee Building Supply in Cadiz, KY.

To read more about the terrible incident, you can read this article from the Couer d’Alene – Post Falls Press.

Accidents like these can be easily avoided if you pay extra attention to how and where you’re wading, especially when high, fast-moving water and low water temperatures create a deadly combination for anyone who finds themselves in the water. Floatation devices, emergency knives, and wading belts all can help prevent accidents like these from befalling you on the water.

For a quick guide to wading safely, check out this blog from our friends at Vail Valley Anglers.


  1. Always wear a waistband belt fairly tight around your waders to prevent water from filling the legs of the waders.

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