The Kentucky River smelled a little boozy after a fire at 2 nearby Jim Beam barrel houses caught fire, burning 45,000 barrels of “relatively young whiskey.” The fire also released thousands of gallons of bourbon into the river. It has since been extinguished but the effects are still being felt as countless fish float dead in the water from alcohol poisoning.

An update from The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet on Monday stated:

“1) The alcohol plume on the Kentucky River is approximately 23 miles long. The leading edge of the plume is located past Monterey and is now into the Ohio River at Carrollton. We expect the plume to dissipate quickly at it enters the much, much larger body of water. While there could be some impact to aquatic life immediately where the two rivers meet, we expect there will be little or no overall impact on the fish in the Ohio River.
2) KDEP, and Beam Suntory representatives, in a coordinated effort, were on the Kentucky River taking water samples to map the plume.
3) Aeration of the Kentucky River continued today in an attempt to increase the low dissolved oxygen levels in the water.
4) Cleanup at the warehouse site continues.
5) The Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources was on the river again today to continue wildlife assessments and fish kill count. Results are pending.
6) We continue to see dead and dying fish. People using the Kentucky River in the area of the plume will likely see and smell dead fish.”

We hope the plume soon dissipates enough to reduce fish mortality in the region and mourn the loss of those precious gallons of Kentucky Bourbon.

Featured Image via Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Facebook Page.

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