An angler’s favorite playlist is a tool that can sometimes be considered just as important as their rod and flies. Whether you’re a surly guide who depends on some rock and roll to roll out of bed for that 7 AM float trip, or the Van Gogh behind the vice whose art is inspired by the soothing toons of the grateful dead; your music powers your engine.


With this in mind, we sat down with our friends at Turtlebox Audio to put together 4 custom Spotify playlists inspired by the anglers and genres that have inspired us. Now, we’re proud to present these Angler Albums for the listening pleasure of everyone. Whether you’re getting pumped on the drive to the river, or need some accompaniment to the sound of a hissing reel with a billfish on the other end – kick back, crack a cold one, and enjoy.


Angler Ablums: Fast Grass and Other Appalachian Melodies

angler albums

Some of best for those with the Bluegrass condition. New, old, or completely irrelevant – if it’s got twang, we’re here for it. Perfect for getting pumped before a day on the water, or relaxing by the fire commemerating a job well done.

Angler Albums: Crackling With Energy – Our Favorites from the Grateful Dead

dead head

We sifted through our immense collection of our picks for some of our favorite performances from the Grateful Dead (and Jerry Garcia’s solo work) to bring you a Dead beat playlist that’s crackling with energy! Think we’re biased to pre-80’s? Us too!

Angler Albums: Cowboy Tunes and the Best of Classic Country

classic country

A throwback to the folks who started it all. From Hank to Towns, this playlist is for those who prefer their mash sour and their songs full of sorrow.

Angler Albums: Your Dad’s Rock and Roll – Classic Rock and Songs of the Times

rock and roll

This isn’t your dad’s rock and roll – oh wait, yeah it is! Some of the most iconic rock and roll (and music in general) came from this generations juke boxes. We aim to cherish that. For those who still have a pair of bell bottom jeans tucked away in their closet, here’s to you.

speaker in the sand

Did we miss your anthem? Let us know! We will be opening a 5th “Community” playlist to sum up the music of the people. Check out the Community playlist HERE to add your favorite jams to share with all.

Thank you to Turtlebox Audio for making this project possible. Music’s best heard when it’s played loud and proud. Check out where you can get your very own Turtlebox Speaker HERE. (Please enjoy courtiously).

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