Hundreds of Dead Stripers Found on Nova Scotia Beach

It’s always a sad day when we have to share a story about mass fish kills, especially when they happen to a species already at record population lows like the Atlantic striped bass.

When two Nova Scotian duck hunters came upon flocks of seagulls hanging out near over a thousand dead stripers, they knew something was off. What really piqued their interest was the fact that there were no other species of dead fishing on the beach…just the seemingly endless amount of dead striped bass. The hunters, who are also commercial fishermen, began taking videos of the mass of death, which you can see below.

The fish didn’t even seem to show signs of physical damage.

“I never saw one species other than striped bass. There was striped bass from like a six-inch size all the way up to some 42 inches,” Ray Briand told SaltWire, which is part of the Cape Brenton Post. “There was no physical damage, there was no smell, they were mostly fresh, gills bright and red, and they were just washing up belly-up ashore.”

After making the discovery the pair of hunters contacted the Port Morien Wildlife Association, who in turn notified Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO). The DFO is currently investigating the incident…

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