How To Tie: The Parachute Trico

Well, the brutal summer months are here. While this may leave some anglers in their air conditioning, dreaming of cooler days, the hot season also brings forth one of the most anticipated hatches of the year: The trico hatch. In this video, Tim Flager from Tightline Video will show you how to tie the trico parachute so you can get back on the water and feed those trout what they want.

Learn About This Fly

Known as one of the trickiest, as well as most rewarding patterns to fish, the trico (Tricorythode) is a small mayfly that exists across the United States. Best known for their explosive hatch in the months of July to October, this fly can be considered one of the most important assets to an angler in these summer months.

During this legendary 3 month-long hatch, trout grow accustomed to the bugs regular appearance on the water and will oftentimes reject any fly that is not a trico. These bugs are very small, as well as nimble, and it is often recommended they’re tied on size 18-24 hooks, and fished with 6 or 7x tippet. Don’t worry, as small as they are, the parachute tying technique will allow you to keep a keen eye on their drift.


  • 1x dry fly hook (size 18-24)
  • Black, 140 denier thread
  • Dark Dun Microfibbets
  • White EP trigger point fibers
  • Light Dun hackle
  • Black Australian Possum dubbing


This article was written by Wills Donaldson

Video courtesy of TightlineVideo

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