How To Tie: The Morrish Hopper

As the hot summer air begins to cool, terrestrial flies begin to make their way into the spotlight as the go-to topwater fly. In this week’s How to Tie video feature, our friends at Fly Fish Food show us how to tie the Morrish Hopper.

Learn About This Fly

In the late summer months, flies called “Terrestrials” become essential to any anglers arsenal. Terrestrials are defined as land born insects such as ants, beetles, and grasshoppers (as opposed to the water-born insects such as mayflies). These flies are not only incredibly fun to fish, but offer trout an opportunity for a protein-packed meal once the water-born hatches begin to cease. There is no shortage of fun to be had when watching big fish slam into meaty dry flies.

This particular pattern; the Morrish Hopper, was created by Ken Morrish, and is considered by many to be one of the most effective hopper patterns in existence. This pattern utilizes a multi-layer foam body, as well as barred rubber legs. Such attributes deliver not only a strong and extended drift, but a gorgeous looking fly.

When it comes to tying this style of hopper, it is a refreshing way to step away from traditional hair and feathers, and try out newer materials. To the beginner tyer, this fly can seem intimidating at first, but by taking it slow, and carefully watching the instructions presented in the video above, this fly can be mastered quickly.


*depending on the size of the fly you’re looking to tie: reference the size chart found HERE (check bottom of the page)

(For a size 12)

  • 5mm foam total (one sheet of 3mm glued to one sheet of 2mm foam)
  • 2 mm foam (orange or any other bright color) for the indicator
  • Back legs, one strand of medium round rubber (for the front half of the leg) knotted to one strand of medium or small round rubber (for the back half of the leg)
  • centipede legs (speckled)
  • Front legs, small round rubber
  • 3mm spray adhesive (77)

Now you know how to tie the Morrish Hopper!


Video and materials courtesy of Fly Fish Food 

Article written by Flylords team member Wills Donaldson 

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