How to Tie: The Comparadun

In this week’s “How to Tie” video feature, Charlie’s Fly Box gives us a great tutorial on how to tie the Comparadun.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Easy

The Comparadun is a dry fly similar to others in the How to Tie series through its simplicity, extremely effectiveness, and versatility. The lack of hackle allows this fly to ride low on the surface of the water but stay buoyant due to the implementation of deer hair for the wing. The Comparadun can imitate a wide variety of mayflies from Green Drakes to Pale Morning Duns by simply changing the hook size and dubbing used for the body.

During the spring and summer months the Comparadun will be the most effective. Depending on where you are and the time of year, take some time to determine if mayflies are hatching, and if yes try to remember the size and color for your next session on the vise. Casting the Comparadun is a true joy due to the lighter materials used to construct the fly, which also allows for delicate presentations.

Similar to many dry flies, it pays to carry a wide selection of Comparaduns in your box. As mentioned earlier, by changing ingredients this fly can take on many different identities. Having a few different colors and sizes, you can target that big brown crushing Green Drakes or that finicky rainbow sipping size 18 PMDs. Matching the hatch can be the key for trout during those thick spring and summer hatches, and by carrying Comparaduns in your fly box you are doing yourself a favor.


Now you know how to tie the Comparadun. 

Video and ingredients courtesy of Charlie’s Fly Box.

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