How to Tie: The Black Beauty Midge

In this week’s how to tie video feature, Tim Flagler from Tightline Video is back to show us how to tie the black beauty midge.

Learn About This Fly:

Difficulty: Novice 

As we slip deeper into the winter months, anglers are pushed to ride the underwater drift as fish become less willing to move, and hatches become limited. Like its simpler cousin, the zebra midge, the black beauty imitates a small black midge pupa which is a monumental part of a trout’s diet.

The black beauty is perfect for fishing calmer pockets of large rivers. Often times, trout will hold in these smaller waters, many times behind rocks or under banks, and wait for food to be delivered by the current. By fishing this fly below your point fly on a dropper system, you’re sure to entice any meandering trout.

This tie is incredibly simple and requires very few materials. Because of its simplicity, many can be tied in a short period of time, and the black beauty is an excellent last-minute tie when you need to add some weight to your nymph box. Like many other midge patterns, this fly is always benefited by creativity. By changing the dubbing and thread color, you can diversify your fly box.


  • Hook: TMC 2487 (sizes .18- .24)
  • Thread: 8/0 Uni-Thread, Black (UTC 70 Deneir for flies size 22 or larger)
  • Abdomen: 8/0 Uni-Thread, Black
  • Ribbing: Fine copper wire
  • Thorax: Black beaver, or rabbit dubbing

Now you know how to tie the black beauty midge fly

Video and ingredients courtesy of Tightline Video 

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