How to Nymph for Brown Trout on the Middle Provo with Jeremy Allan

In this video by KSL Outdoors and Jeremy Allan, it takes the viewer through approaching and nymphing a small run on the Middle Provo River. This video does an outstanding job both curating what is happening and adding a description of how to nymph a small run like this. The video demonstrates the beauty of fly fishing and how Jeremy Allan goes about capturing that beauty.

The video talks on how to photograph fish and make sure that you get that perfect shot. Oftentimes as fishermen we get so enamored with finding the perfect shot and angle of the fish. This video does an outstanding job exemplifying how to make sure we get that million dollar shot, and reminding us that there will be more fish.

This film was created by ESL Outfitters. Be sure to check out more of their films on the ELS Outfitter YouTube page.

These instructional videos are curated and written by team member Sam McLean (@sam_d_mclean).


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