High Country Bliss

A fly rod truly has become the tool to find my “Bliss”. Being that flyfishing is something with endless creativity and absolutely no boundaries. You can choose to fish hundreds of species, in all different environments, in countless ways. Exploring the high country and the locals that reside in it has truly caught my fascination.

Brook trout and native cutthroats are nature’s absolute masterpiece. Not only are these species dressed to impress, but reside in some of the wildest and magical places on the planet.  Don’t get me wrong I still love targeting banger bows and buck nasty browns in my local freestone and tailwater rivers, but spending the time hiking to such secluded areas often above tree line to find unicorns, is all that I am about.

There is nothing more special then approaching these magical lakes after a long hike, embracing the stillness and the excitement of what now is to come. I have been anxiously waiting for the ice to thaw, and all of my high country treasures to become available. Recently one of my favorite lakes had melted off, with some hot leach patterns off the vice I packed the rig and headed to the trailhead.

We were some of the first tracks to this magical place, and the excitement was overwhelming. Approaching the lake we luckily were blessed with little to no wind, the water was glass… Taking some time to take it in, with all its glory, I began rigging up. Slowly walking the banks looking for cruisers, I didn’t see much activity. All of a sudden I heard what sound like a boulder being dropped into the lake and all I saw was the beautiful rings created from a rising trout in the absolute middle. After a few casts, the line finally went tight. The fight was absolutely incredible, I assumed they would be a wee sluggish after ice off, boy was I wrong. Peeling drag on me on multiple runs, the fish finally came into sight, truly seemed that I hooked up on a fire hydrant. This beautiful specimen was one of the largest cutties I have ever landed, that was absolutely on fire!

We are so blessed to have such special pieces of water on public lands, and it’s our duty to protect them. I charge all of you to play as big of a role as you can in your local conservancies so that we can allow this special gift be given to others… Tight lines ladies and gents, if you need me you can find me in the high country finding my Bliss.

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