Hard Lined – Full F3T Film Streaming Now

Hard Lined”, tells the story of the Striped Bass, a fish that is adored by fly and conventional anglers up and down the East Coast. Over the past 20-or-so years, the Striper population has been struggling, mainly due to poor fisheries management but recently even more human-caused factors such as pollution and climate change. While it will take a lot of work to bring the Striper fishery back to its former glory, it can be done, and “Hard Lined” offers insight on what needs to happen for there to be happy a future for the Striped Bass. 

So, if you care about conservation and love sweet drone shots of big, blitzing Bass or watching Stripers delicately slurp crabs off the bottom of mudflats, get excited because Hardlined is officially being released for the world to see on Wednesday, October 27 on the Simms Youtube Channel!

Last winter we had a chance to talk with Chris Kitchen of KGB Productions and Rex Messing from Simms, two people behind the Film “Hard Lined”, which premiered in the 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Check out our Behind the Lens interview with the folks behind “Hard Lined”:

2021 F3T Behind The Lens: Hardlined

Take a look at our latest article on Striped Bass conservation:

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Hard Lined Production Credits:

Director /DP: Chris Kitchen (@chriskitchen)

Produced by: KGB Productions (@kgb_productions) and Rex Messing (@rexmess)

Music by: Cleod9 (@cleod9music)

Camera/Edit: Matt Fournaris (@matt_fournaris_media)

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