Green Drakes on the Blue River

Comparable to Aspen’s Frying Pan tailwater, the Blue River ecosystem below Green Mountain Reservoir was dense and full of large, and, luckily timed, big Green Drake Mayflies. Aspen hadn’t seen a cloud in 3 weeks so we headed to check out a river offering three different fisheries all within reasonable driving distance of each other.

 Andrew Gerrie peers into distance, searching for rising fish…

Anyone who is an admirer of the Colorado Green Drake knows that many rivers within the state hold some of the best ecosystems for these bugs. But when fish are keyed on the Drakes and rising for the dun, the takes on these bugs are ferocious. On a clear day you can catch a brown wheel around downstream only to hit reverse once more and roll over your fly like a dolphin riding your boat’s wake. It’s exhilarating and frustrating but can make for some incredible dry fly fishing if you can hold a little bit of patience. Be sure to keep your leader long and don’t be afraid to be aggressive pounding the banks- oftentimes Drakes tumble downstream on the surface drying their wings and attract a lot of attention. Keep that bad cast in the water as well and soon you’ll get a take when you least expect it.










Charles Warren shows us the reward for successfully matching the hatch….

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